Why not stay longer In Baños ? - There are so many things to do!

Discover beautiful Baños

church baños ecuador

While strolling through the city center of Baños, you can observe the traditional candy makers folding Melcocha (made of sugar cane) or visit the beautiful church.


piscinas de la virgen banos ecuador

Swim in hot springs (Piscinas de la Virgen), have a massage and take leisurely strolls in the beautiful natural surroundings!

Visit the volcano Tungurahua

Tungurahua volcano

Tungurahua means "Throat of Fire" in Quechua. It is an active statovolcano and restarted on August 1999 with the last major eruption in March 2016.

Enjoy the outdoor activities

banos activities ecuador

Enjoy the outdoor activities of the region.

Get your adrenaline rush by white water rafting, ziplining (Puntzan), bridge jumping, paragliding or canyoning.

You can go hiking. There are three hikes around Baños you shouldn't miss!

  • The tree house and the end of the world swing
  • La Bella Vista / Café del cielo
  • Mirador de la virgen

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Travel easily to other cities 

activities chimborazo volcano banos

Baños is centrally located in Ecuador and you can reach easily any other city in the country.

  • The jungle, Baños is the entrance door to Amazon. (1h30)
  • The capital Quito (3h30)
  • The city Riobamba (1h30 hours). In this city you can see the volcano Chimborazo and take a train ride along the mountain range the devil's nose.

Eat delicious food 

llapingachos food Baños Ecuador

Baños has lots of delicious places to eat, we have lots of recommendations so just ask! You should also absolutely try these local specialities.

  • the famous Ecuadorian drink called Canelazo, a tasty combination of sugar cane alcohol, panela and cinnamon.
  • Sanduche, fermeted sugar cane
  • Llapingachos is a dish made of mashed and fried potatoes.
  • Hornado,  delicious pork roasted traditionally and served with potatoes, corn and salad.