Classes & Prices

We offer language classes, for beginners right up to almost fluent speakers, and accommodation for smalls groups, couples, families with children. Our classes are based on your needs so every class is unique and tailored to you specifically. We also practice what is learned in class during walks around the beautiful town of Baños.

One-to-one classes for all levels!

You don't have a lot time?Come for a few hours!

classes prices mayras spanish school

You can take classes for some hours according to your needs to refresh or to improve your language skills.

Price: $8 per person per hour

Group discount for two or more people!

language classes Mayra Banos

Enjoy learning Spanish together! Come to class with your friends, family or as a couple.
Price: For two or more people we offer a group discount of 5$ per person per hour instead of 8$.

Language packages

Survival or refresh! (20 h)

20 hours per week, 4 hours a day:

Survival: You will learn basic grammar and vocabulary for a conversation: you will be able to buy groceries at the market, make a reservation and ask for things or directions.

Refresh: You will have the opportunity to refresh what you have learned before and we will build on your previous knowledge.

Price: $160 (including materials as well as coffee or tea)

Intensive classes (40h)
+ city tour for free!!


40 hours during two weeks, 4 hours a day:

Survival + Daily life: Not only will you gain basic knowledge but you will also be able to talk about your daily routine and better understand daily conversations.

Refresh + Advanced: We will refresh what you have learned and concentrate on the areas with which you need help.

Price: $320 (including materials as well as coffee or tea)

Extra Intensive (60h)
+ Route of the waterfall,
+ city tour for free!!

60 hours during three weeks, 4 hours a day:

Survival + Daily life + Opinions/desires : After having learned basic knowledge and daily routine, you will learn how to express your desires and opinions and better understand more complex situations.

Refresh + Advanced + Abstract After refreshing your knowledge and intensive work on your weak points we will talk about more abstract topics.

Price: $480 (including materials as well as coffee or tea)

The perfect accommodation for you!

Homestay - Full immersion!

host family baños ecuador

You will stay with an Ecuadorian family. The homestay is the best way to practice what you have learned in class and you will be completely immersed in the local culture.
The cost includes 3 meals (including typical fruit and vegetables from the Andes mountains) your own room, wifi, and a lot of language practice with the local family.
Price: $140 dollars per week, extra days at $20 per day.


Queen bed Flatshare Mayra Baños

If you prefer to be on your own, we offer student apartments with shared or private bathrooms and private apartments.
Prices for accommodation starting from 12 dollars per person per night with shared bathroom.

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