Our material is based on our long experience with students of all levels. Learning material are important because it can significantly increase the learning process. We provide you with different kinds of material such as bilingual worksheets. They will help you to better understand difficult grammar topics and show you the necessary vocabulary.
To make it more fun we use flash cards, games and role plays.
In addition, you will receive extra material to practice what you have learned in classes.

Develop all learning competences

Our material is designed in a simple, clear and interactive way to help you to improve listening, speaking, writing and reading competences

language competences

Check your level here!

Have a look at the following chart showing the Common European Framework to determine your language level. Here at Mayra´s Spanish School we work with all levels of Spanish competency. Whether you are at level A1 or C2 Mayra´s is the place to improve and develop your Spanish and have fun while doing it.

Common european framework language levels

Additional learning material

Find below some useful websites and applications to help you in the learning process.

 Improve your language skills with Duolingo

Useful language learning application that is completely free.


learn vocabulary with memrise

Memrise is another application that is very useful for vocabulary training.


Learn Spanish with Babel

Babel is an application you have to pay for but it is very good to get conversational skills.