Mayra's Spanish School Ecuador
Mayra's Spanish School
Baños Ecuador
Eduardo Tapia 112 y Oriente ( 099 8822 588 / 03 2743 019


1 week
20 hours
$ 150
2 weeks
40 hours
$ 280
3 weeks
60 hours
$ 420
4 weeks
80 hours
$ 560






  1. All class materials
  2. Coffee, bottled water and natural tea always available
  3. Videos and documentaries in Spanish
  4. After completing your course you will received a Diploma of Proficiency from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ecuador.
  5. Participation in Social Clubs and Intercambios which provide you the opportunity to help our English students and get to know the friendly local people of Baños.


  1. Extracurricular activities such as tropical dance classes, cooking classes, sports, movies, etc.
  2. Information and travel services for Ecuador and South America (assistance in reservations, confirmations, etc.)
  3. Tours and day trips with your teachers and fellow students from all over the world


Privacy Policy

Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

Refund Policy for unattended classes

If students cancel a class within 24 hours, the student is responsible to pay for that class. If a student is late to class, the student must pay for the time they missed. In case of sickness, students do not have to pay for a missed class that day, but do need to cancel the next day if they feel their illness will cause them to miss multiple classes that week.Students should always try and contact the school right away, if there is going to be any issues.

Your confirmation deposit will be refunded if you cancel within 7days of your confirmed classes.