Soaking in the Beauty of Baños

One of my favorite things about volunteering at Mayra’s Spanish School and living in one of Mayra’s apartments has been the beautiful views. All it takes is a short walk up the stairs to the top-floor terrace to get a perfect view of la Cascada de la Virgen and of the surrounding town. There is also a garden on the terrace that produces fresh herbs and seasonal tomatoes, as well as a view of the mountains. It is stunning at any hour of the day, rain or shine (usually shine!). It serves as a perfect place for a deep breath and a moment of peace.

Not only are there beautiful views of nature, but there are also beautiful murals painted by other volunteers that cover the walls all around the building. Personally, my favorite pieces are above my bed and near the first-floor stairs. I’ve attached the photos below 🙂 I am originally from the US, and my whole experience has been unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Overall, I have enjoyed my time in Baños and I have appreciated the opportunity to help Mayra and her family continue rebuilding their school after a hard few years. As we all know, tourism and the service industry were hit especially hard during the pandemic. Marya still offers many opportunities for spacious housing, customizable Spanish courses, English courses, and volunteering. Mayra puts her family first and works hard to continue serving the community in her hometown of Baños through various fundraisers and classes. The school serves as a great place for learning as well as a perfect location to easily access local vendors, nearby hikes, and transportation. During my time here I have thoroughly enjoyed becoming more familiar with the beauty of Baños!



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